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Welcome to RECOVERY - Coast to Coast

America's Nightly Voice for Recovery

Upcoming Guests

Anne Lamott
NY Times Best Selling Author

Spider Gaines
Former University of Washington Wide Receiver

Roy Tarpley
Former NBA All-Star

Patrick Kennedy
U.S. Congressman

Joseph A. Califano
Chairman/President of National Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse

Bill Manville
Author of "Cool, Hip and Sober"

Mariette Hartley

John Hoffman
Producer of HBODocumentary: ADDICTION

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RECOVERY – Coast to Coast radio show features two hours of engaging dialogue, news updates and interviews around the topics of addiction, treatment, research and recovery.

In hour one: hear from top addiction prevention and treatment professionals, best selling authors, recovering celebrities, national and regional musicians, elected officials, addiction researchers and news makers from across the country.

In hour two: hear from those in recovery from alcohol, drugs, gambling, food and sex addiction as they share their experiences of strength and hope.

Meet Our Host

Neil Scott

Neil Scott, the Voice of Recovery

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