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About Us: Neil Scott

Neil ScottNeil Scott is a national media and special projects consultant, working with non-profit organizations on media related projects and issues. He is the producer and host of RECOVERY - Coast to Coast, a two hour nightly national radio talk show dealing exclusively with addiction, with a focus on recovery.

Neil Scott began his career in the addiction field in the mid 1970’s as Executive Director of the National Council on Alcoholism in Santa Barbara, California. He later joined the national organization (NCADD) and ran the National Foundation for Alcoholism Communications. He was the co-founder and editor of Alcoholism & Addiction Magazine, a monthly publication that served the professional field of addiction and recovery and was the editor of The Alcoholism Report, a legislative field publication.

Neil has also served on the Board of Directors of the Marilyn Adams Suicide Prevention Center and was founder/director of the Crisis Intervention Center in Bakersfield, California.

Neil has been a keynote speaker at numerous national, state and local events and has lectured at America's leading schools of alcohol and drug studies, including Rutgers University. He led an American delegation of addiction professionals on a three week educational and research tour on addiction and recovery in the Soviet Union.

Neil continues to maintain a dual career in radio broadcasting, covering professional sports for ESPN Radio and other national networks.