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MONDAY - Listen Online (stream) - Download mp3 
11/07/11 Tonight on RC2C, a visit with the 2010 American League Most Valuable Player and the league's s batting champion, All-Star Josh Hamilton. He has been a guest on RC2C before and tonight Neil sits down with Josh to talk about how his relapse helped shape his long tern recovery and how his faith and his recovery helped him deal with the tragedy in Texas, when he threw a foul ball into the stands to a young fan, whose dad reached out to catch it and tumbled over the railing to his death.  We also visit with two recipients of the prestigious Vern Johnson Award, presented annual by Faces and Voices of Recovery. Neil talks with Jim Gillen, directors of the Anchor Recovery Center in Rhode Island and Mike Barry, the CEO of People Advocating Recovery in Louisville, Kentucky. Then in our number two Brian Abker joins Neil as they have a conversation with Jody S., a guy in long term recovery, whose powerful story will certainly inspire you!

TUESDAY - Listen Online (stream) - Download mp3   
11/08/11 RECOVERY - Coast to Coast is pleased to present a special two-hour tribute to Mrs. Betty Ford, who recently passed away at the age of 93 following 33 years of continuous recovery. Tonight, in tribute to Mrs. Ford, we are joined by Dr. Joe Pursch,who did the successful intervention on Mrs. Ford. We also speak with Joseph A. Califano, Jr., Founder and President of CASA, the Center for Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. Also in our first hour, Adele C. Smithers, the President of the Christopher D. Smithers Foundation and the matriarch of the modern alcoholism movement.  We will also hear from singer/songwriter Larry Gatlin, talk show icon Larry King, and Mrs. Ford's son Steve Ford.  RC2C will also share some of the memorial service for Mrs. Ford, conducted in Rancho Mirage, California with remarks from Mrs. Ford's son Michael Ford, NPR's Cokie Roberts, former First Lady Roslyn Carter and Geoffrey Mason, a long time board member of the Betty Ford Treatment Center. In addition, excerpts from an exclusive interview that Neil Scott did with Mrs. Ford in 1982, four years after her recovery began and prior to the start of The Betty Ford Treatment Center.  Tonight we look back with love, affection and deep admiration at a woman who put a face and a voice to recovery from alcoholism and addiction, former First Lady Betty Ford.

WEDNESDAY - Listen Online (stream) - Download mp3
11/09/11 By listener request, tonight RC2C, America's nightly  ‘Voice for Recovery,’ replays our Fifth Anniversary show with a broadcast from the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY featuring clips from interviews done over the past 5 years with baseball players, coaches, and managers, including Maury Wills, Darryl Strawberry, Clint Hurdle, Josh Hamilton and Ryne Duren . . . . all of these RC2C interviews are now in the Baseball Hall of Fame! What a tremendous honor. Also featured on the Fifth Anniversary show, an interview with Jeff Idelson, President of the Hall of Fame. Plus Gary Stromberg, author of The Harder They Fall joins Neil to talk about his connection with the late Doc Ellis, who threw a no-hitter for the Pittsburgh Pirates while high on LSD and singer/songwriter Chuck Brodsky chronicles the event in a song featured on the popular CD “Baseball Ballads,â€Â which is also a part of the Hall of Fame. In addition, former NYC police officer Montgomery Delaney, in recovery for the past 23 years, shares his story of experience, strength and hope. He is currently a practicing attorney and a singer/songwriter, who hit a home run in Yankee Stadium. He performs a number of original songs as part of this special two-hour program, which tonight is commercial free, thanks to a generous donation from the Christopher D. Smithers Foundation in Mill Neck, NY.

THURSDAY - Listen Online (stream) - Download mp3
11/10/11 Chris O’Dell is a licensed addiction therapist, living in Tucson, AZ.  Like many of us, she had another career in a former life.  In this case, it was the kind of life that many would be envious of.  She actually lived with the Beatles.  Seriously!  She started working for Beatles publicist Derek Taylor, moved to England, and eventually became the first female tour manager.  She was in the right place at the right time.  Leon Russell wrote "Pieces Apple Lady" and "Hummingbird" about her, James Taylor spent a night in her London flat writing “Carolina on My Mind,â€Â and George Harrison wrote “Miss O’Dell,â€Â the flip side of his monster hit “Give Me Love, Give me Peace on Earth.â€Â  That song, “Miss O’Dellâ€Â is the name of a new book  ( Miss O’Dell – My Hard days and Long Nights with The Beatles, The Stones, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton and the Women They Loved.â€Â) , which she wrote with Kathy Ketcham, arguably the best writer it the field of addictions. Chris talks candidly about the back-story of the music and the lives of the top rock 'n rollers of our time.  She also talks about the drinking, drugs, and the road to recovery along they, including her own. In our second hour, a moving and inspiration look into the one-day-at-a-time journey of Lisa N. Welcome to another edition of RECOVERY - Coast to Coast!

FRIDAY - Listen Online (stream) - Download mp3
11/11/11 Tonight we replay a show we did in Columbus, Ohio at the 21st Annual Addiction Studies Institute, one of the premier conferences in America. This is our third year at the Institute and we are delighted to take you with us to Columbus.  On our show tonight, we start with Dennis Ehrie, Administrative Director of University Hospital East at Ohio State University Medical Center. Then we’ll talk with Annette Franks, a writer and therapist in private practice in Columbus. Dr. Richard Whitney will talk about recent advances in pharmacology and Bryce Johnson rounds out the first hour.  He’s with Oglethorpe at Cambridge Behavioral Hospital.  In hour number two we welcome back Curt Brown, who is the director of Talbott Hall at OSU and the coordinator of the Addiction Studies Institute. Then Sandra F., a grateful member of Al-Anon talks about her journey in recovery. We close out tonight’s program with Ray Irion who talks about the challenges of treating the gay population, Patricia Ann Waits who deals with the therapeutic value of laughter and Chris Drosdick, an art therapy counselor. All tonight on RECOVERY – Coast to Coast!

Special thanks to you, our dedicated listeners, for the honor of allowing us to be a part of your recovery life for the past 7 years!  We are extremely grateful!