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Are you an addiction professional?

RECOVERY - Coast to Coast is always looking to interview addiction professionals involved with a unique or newsworthy project, including prevention, treatment and research projects. If you feel that you have a story to tell from a professional viewpoint, please contact us.

Are you in recovery with a story to share?

The second hour of each episode of RECOVERY - Coast to Coast puts the spotlight on recovery: sharing experience, strength and hope with others in a relaxed format.

Addiction includes alcoholism and other drug addictions, as well as food addiction, gambling addiction and sex addiction. We also like to talk to family members of those who are either suffering from addiction or in recovery.

While many of our guests are in a 12 Step program, such as AA, NA, CA, GA, etc., that is not a requirement. There are many paths to recovery. All that we ask is that you be in continuous recovery for at least one year.

Special note about anonymity: If you are in a 12 Step program, and wish to share your story, there are two options. You may use just your first name and length of recovery and talk openly about your 12 Step involvement (realizing that you are not representing the program, but speaking simply as a member). Since you are only using your first name, this is within the media guidelines of the 11th and 12th Traditions. The second option is to use your full name and length of recovery, but not mention specifically membership in any specific 12 Step program. (It is okay to refer to going into a 12 Step program, without mentioning which one.) You can also talk about involvement with others who are also in recovery.